Difference between ready-made blouses and custom blouses

Difference between ready-made blouses and custom blouses

As the e-commerce took up the country by storm in recent years, more and more woman in India are buying blouses online.

We often are asked that how is the custom Blouse different from the ready-made ones?

Quite simply, we can say there is a huge difference. Like comparing a diamond with a crystal.

We at Wishcraft Specialise in custom blouses online. Where each blouse is processed, step-by-step, carefully, following qualities, standards and checks, Made by expert Team of Designers, tailors, and embroidery artists

Ready-made blouses are made in lots and in standard sizes processed at very high speed without focusing on individual customer needs. In short, ready-made blouse are mass produced for mass market. If you compare the production numbers, a ready made blouse factory can produce hundreds of blouses in a day, whereas only few blouses could be made by a custom boutique In the same time.

We all know how women’s body differs from one to other, Even for a single person, there are changes in body shapes in different times. Blouse being a body fit Garment needs to be made to measure.

With WishcraftLuxe.com We make it possible for you to select from numerous trendy designs which will be made in your custom size. With our time tested online model we deliver perfect fit Blouses worldwide.

The time and effort that goes in making a custom size blouse is much higher than mass produced Ready made ones. And hence the pricing is comparatively high because all those people who put in the effort and time, need to be paid.

So next time, when you’re buying a custom blouse from us, be assured that your order has been carefully Crafted by experts and has gone through multiple quality checks. So you get the perfect product which You can proudly wear.

we have a simple mantra follow : “Each piece is a masterpiece.”

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